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Absorb (v)

To take in or draw up

Allocate (v)

To set aside a resource for a particular aim

Assume (v)

To expect something to be true

Cease (v)

Ended, stopped, or discontinued

Combine (v)

To mix or bring several things together

Compare (v)

To examine the differences and similarities between two things

Concentrate (v)

To direct one's thoughts toward something

Constrain (v)

Forced or confined

Construct (v)

Built or formed

Continue (v)

Did not stop

Convince (v)

To make someone believe something

Decide (v)

Made a choice or concluded

Describe (v)

To state the qualities of something

Develop (v)

To bring into being

Divert (v)

To turn away from a course or direction

Dominate (v)

Ruled over, controlled

Effect (v)

Brought about or caused

Encourage (v)

To support or give inspiration to

Ensure (v)

To guarantee or make certain

Explain (v)

To make clear, to make reasons for an event

Farmer (n)

Someone who grows vegetables and keeps animals

Identify (v)

To recognize a person or thing

Maintain (v)

To carry on or continue

Observe (v)

To see, watch, or notice

Portray (v)

To depict visually or describe in words

Possess (v)

To have or own

Preserve (v)

To maintain or keep alive

Promote (v)

To help or encourage

Propose (v)

Suggested or offered as a plan

Recognize (v)

To identify someone or something

Respond (v)

To reply or react

Seek (v)

To look for or try to obtain

Squander (v)

To waste, or use thoughtlessly

Suggest (v)

To mention, hint, or propose

Support (v)

To encourage or uphold

Surround (v)

Enclosed on all sides

Transform (v)

To change in form or appearance

Vary (v)

To change or be different

Waste (v)

To fail to use, or to use for no good reason



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