WordJuggle is soon used by thousands of teachers and students on a daily basis. You can easily get your message across to two resourceful groups of people.

There are various ways to advertise through WordJuggle.


This is a great way to reach a large, specific audience and ensure maximum exposure. You get your ad printed as a watermark directly in the flashcards that teachers give to their students, thus securing maximum exposure for a very long time. You choose in what areas you want your watermarks to be active. You pay only 5 cents per flashcard that your ad is printed on, and you can set your budget pr month.

Ads on homepage:

Small ad on teachers’ page
199 $ for 2000 exposures

Big add ad on teachers’ page
299 $ for 3000 exposures

Small ad on students’ page
199 $ for 2000 exposures

Big add ad on students’ page
299 $ for3000 exposures

WordJuggle is also interested in affiliate marketing. Please contact

Please notice that WordJuggle do not accept ads that promote alcohol, cigarettes, sex or weapons.