WordJuggle is a non-profit site. Our mission (and vision) is to provide teachers and students with free, high-quality teaching materials.

Education is always the most secure way to to improve one’s station in life. But not all people, especially in 3rd world countries, can afford school materials. Therefore, we’ve made it our mission to provide free teaching materials to indigent schools worldwide. For instance WordJuggle cooperates with Secoza NPC foundation in South Africa.

WordJuggle wants to ensure that teachers and students can easily create flashcards with different functions that all promote student interaction and class discussions as well as group work.

At the moment WordJuggle has 14 different engaging tasks that teachers can choose for their students. These include various exercises and games, such as letter jumble, associations, synonyms, antonyms, match words and definitions, discussions cards, linking words, finding words, rating words and memory cards, etc.

Within seconds you can print engaging teaching materials that work well with cooperative learning and individual learning alike. These flashcards will be the perfect way to motivate and engage your students.

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